Bare Essentials - The First Launch Product Line and the Reasons Why

The initial Place Accessory product line is now available on our home page. These products were selected to create a sense of symplicity and order for the beginning stages of the sales process. There will most certainly be more to see in the future, but for now this sets the tone for the brand and becomes something to build upon. Cell phone cases and accessories are our main focus; providing a solid and reliable product for customers to attach to their iPhones that they are proud to carry is what we have set out to do first. The Place sun logo, we feel, is something that needed a certain niche to exist has seen the world of fashion in previous attempts to launch but the design seems destined for bigger things.

Technology plays such a big roll in our daily lives (this article was typed on a laptop plugged into a WiFi connection), and tech is always evolving. It's like seeing a big wave about to come up as a surfer; sometimes, if you want to have a good time, you have to know which wave is worth riding. Technology and the iPhone are Place's "big wave." The thing about fashion is it requires a large arsenal of creative and artistic efforts to develop products worth talking about in most cases.For right now, designing more than one design for a company is not something that is on our to-do list as we are more focused on latest product development. Currently, there are t-shirts and hoodies decorated with the Place logo that are available for sale at the shop. These are not so much fashion efforts as they are spreading awareness about the brand and what we do. The shirts and hoodies themselves are very high-quality and have an essence of fashion, but that's not the main focus. We want to provide our customers with the best and most practical phone cases and protection available.

Please grab your surfboards and ride the wave with us, because there's a big one coming over the horizon. Who knows, maybe our brand will give you good luck and prosperity in the can never be too sure! Even if it doesn't, atleast your smart phone will be safe and secure, and your body warmer than it was before. Keep an eye out for new products in the future.

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