Quality Back Links - The Forgotten Art of Gaining Traffic and Appeal

Starting as a very small company with a fairly simple core product, getting buzz to start about a brand can be difficult without paying for it. Strategists suggest multiple ways to get your new products into the public eye, but many of them, such as social media influencer collaborations, require a certain established presence which we are currently working on at Place.

Always striving to better the performance of the online storefront, we have been posting our website link in all the major social media platform bios. Experts say that social network backlinks, that is, links to your site from external sites like Facebook, aren’t as effective as links from popular blogs or websites. Well, forget what the experts say! We are going gung-ho and linking to our shop from most available social media platforms in hopes that these links will improve SEO and traffic results.

You have to start somewhere and this is where we chose, so we’ll see how it goes in the long and short term. But hey, yesterday the site saw 5 unique visitors with no ads posted anywhere so something must be working…who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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