Revisiting Links and Social Media - What Could Go Wrong in a Short Amount of Time

Our last blog post was focused on explaining using social media for “free and easy” to the Place Accessory landing page. After further consideration, we have made some changes.

The overall effect to our desired feel for the brand was being compromised by having so many social presences scattered throughout the internet. There is just too much communication potential with not enough staffing to support it. So, we have pulled out of the social network world for a while to press on with building the website and brand organically, through positive web page building practices, mainly blogging with keywords.

The past couple days of traffic offer hope with our efforts; although still under 10 visitors a day, we know that they found our page in a desire-driven way. We remain optimistic in how we are approaching marketing and gaining traffic, so we can only wait and see what the future holds. With that being said, please don’t search for our social links because well…they’re not there.

The Apple brand has a very unique approach to using the Instagram platform, allowing iPhone users to tag photos shot on iPhones. This is a great marketing strategy and one we would like to visit down the road. Imagine a Place case on every mirror selfie on the web? That would be incredible.

Quite frankly, there just isn’t enough content to support being active on social media quite yet. Our approach is simple and sleek, and we are going to work with that we currently have and not try to hype something that is in the beginning stages of development. Anyways, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates.

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