The Morning After the Storm - Addressing a Lack of Online Advertising

For our handful of visitors that have visited the Place Accessory site, you may have seen us through our online ads campaign. This has since been paused, because rumor has it that organic traffic through searches and word of mouth is much more fruitful than paying for ads, especially in the beginning. Traffic for a start-up involved in a niche market has to be very targeted, and online advertising often times produces too vague of results. We have added a blog section for the cell phone case brand to be able to organically grow the site through basic SEO practices such as keyword building, and plan on taking this as far as it can go.

There is a lot to talk about when a company just starts up because the dream is still fresh and before the first sales come in, it is still just that: a dream. To make it a reality that is sustainable, certain goals must be achieved to be able to make the effort worth our while. Our products are the primary voice of the company, as well as customer service, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best of both. We hope that our efforts in the early stages will reflect a mission that lasts for the entirety of this venture, as to provide a wonderful experience for all involved. With that said, please shop around (it isn't hard considering the size of the website) and find something that you like. We can guarantee you will be pleased with what you find and that Place Accessory will provide you with an item or two that you will proud to associate with. Thanks for joining us on this organic and natural journey through cyber space and we hope to hear from you soon. For any questions or comments, please use the contact page listed on the home page.

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